Thank you so much for taking the time to swing by the online home of Rising Feather.  The roots of this brand are quite different than most. Rising Feather wasn’t inspired by a brilliant idea, an innovative product or a cutting edge strategy - it simply grew out of a feeling. A feeling that was powered by a simple natural moment.
I was in my early twenties and had just finished a career as a professional lacrosse player.  It was now time for me to challenge myself and explore my other areas of interest. I took some time off, bought a camera and immersed myself in nature. For more than a month I spent nearly every morning in a wild sanctuary reflecting on my early life while capturing images of birds.  Sitting still with the outside allowed me to zoom out and it was this experience that ultimately shaped my future. 
One rainy fall morning a duck flew in fast and landed in the creek just feet from where I was sitting. We spent the next twenty minutes quietly together and I couldn’t help but feel a strong connection. Symbolically speaking, we were at the same point in our lives - we’d both just landed from a previous flight and were gearing up for the next one.  I took one photograph as the duck was taking off on a new adventure and that was the birth of Rising Feather.  I created a corporation that day to simply act as an umbrella for all of my creative endeavors. I’ve learned that what makes me happiest is taking off towards something new - a place filled with wonder, imagination and creation. 
Over the course of the next ten years I lived my life as a furniture maker by day and singer/songwriter by night.  I released ten albums, completed two national tours and even had the opportunity to share the stage with some of my musical heroes. It was a magical time and such an honor to sing my songs for people.  When Covid hit however I was forced to land on the creek once again and rest - but it didn’t take long before my wings were ready to get going again.
My parents ran a craft store out of our childhood home and it was that upbringing that really instilled a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and inspired a lifelong love for making things. I never in a million years thought I would be a candle maker but my passion has led me here. Now I spend most of my days and nights in my workshop pouring and packing candles - I love it so much.  This lifestyle affords me the opportunity to be creative in a brand new medium and send a thoughtful item to homes all over the country. Most importantly though it gives me time with my wife Nicole, daughter Kennedy and brand new son Townes.
Thank you again for being here - take a look around and let know if you have any questions at all.  I also encourage you to take a look inside yourself for that burning passion, that thing that gives you the most fulfillment and pursue it fearlessly.

Light it up,

Mike Powell