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Hand drawn tonal graphic tee shirts available in charcoal and cream.

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The Outside

I lived across from a wild bird sanctuary in upstate New York for five years in my twenties. Many of my mornings were spent beside a limestone creek with coffee and a camera. I took thousands of photographs over the years of birds while they were in the process of taking flight. There's something incredibly symbolic about that particular moment. Taking off requires courage, energy, passion for adventure and an individual sense of direction.  It was this photo series and that time spent sitting still with the outside when the Rising Feather brand was born. 

The Rich Life Of A Pour Man

Every Rising Feather candle is wicked, poured, labeled and packaged by hand right here in our studio in Cazenovia, NY. This small batch artisan style approach not only allows us to control the quality of our products but it gives us the freedom to remain creative, current and agile.