Rising Feather

Northern Pine

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There are few scenes on this planet more striking than large pine trees holding a fresh snowfall. The beautiful contrast between the deep green needles and the brilliance of the fresh white powder evokes feelings of comfort for those of us native to the northern hemisphere. A symbol of wisdom and longevity, the pine tree is perhaps the most iconic in the world when it comes to their unmistakeable fragrance. 

The Northern Pine candle captures the woodsy aroma you'd find hiking the high country without being overly "holiday" smelling.  This super fresh scent throw will fill your abode with that cool cabin in the woods vibe. Because of its versatility and universal appeal, pine is commonly used to "spruce" up your place making it a great candle for just about every room in the house.  

This was the first candle scent created by the Rising Feather brand and due to it's popularity it has remained in the line ever since.