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Incense Burner Bundle

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There's something incredibly ceremonial about the lighting of an incense stick.  It's been around for ages, its straightforward and in many ways the process has remained tightly bound to its origin.

This particular bundle "Local Record Shop" is naturally scented right here in the studio with sandalwood oil to give off that unique calm and cool vintage vibe you get when you're about to drop the needle on your favorite vinyl.  

The bundle comes with a box of 12 sticks. The sticks are 11" long and will burn for roughly 1 hour. The bundle also comes with a simple and classically designed burner/holder handmade from kiln dried locally harvested black walnut. Each burner is hand rubbed with food safe hard wax oil. And finally, you will get a box of 12 4" safety matches that are ready to start the party.  This is everything you need to start burning. 

You can buy each of these items separately if you didn't need the whole bundle. (See the options tab.)