Wooden Lacrosse Handle


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Lacrosse is a game like no other. The traditional wooden lacrosse stick that’s steam bent is a true work of art that possesses great spiritual significance to the inventors of the game, the Native Americans.  Wooden lacrosse shafts have remained popular among players because they use a modern shape that fits plastic heads but at the same time utilizes an organic medium Hickory, the same material used by the games first players. It’s this that makes wooden handles a cool way to connect the future with the unique past. A perfect recreational handle that’s fun to play with and can also be used as a weight trainer. This is a great gift for any lacrosse player, fan or enthusiast. The Rising Feather Wooden Lacrosse Handle measures 30″ (standard short stick length) and is made of  locally harvested select straight-grained hickory. This is a perfect handle for the backyard, beach, camping trip, or wall hanger. Each handle comes with an end cap of your color choice.


Black, White, Orange, Blue

End Cap

White, Orange, Grey, Forest Green