I love making things. There’s something about creation that truly makes me happy.  When I was a kid my parents ran a craft store out of our house, that’s where my appreciation for craftsmanship started. They would sit at the kitchen table with a coffee pot and a sketch pad dreaming up new ideas for things that they wanted to make for people. They would put my brothers, sister and I to bed and by the time we woke up in the morning their idea was assembled, painted and finished on the kitchen table next to the empty coffee pot. I thought that was the coolest thing.

I’ve always appreciated things that are made thoughtfully and built to last. Every step of the creative process deserves full attention and when that’s the case you’re left with a timeless product. When I set out to make something for someone I think about the function first and then of course I think of the fashion.

The Rising Feather Studio is located in Cazenovia, NY. You can find me there most days with my Daughter Kennedy, a sketch pad and a coffee pot dreaming up my next idea. I love making things and I would love the opportunity to make something for you.

The Rising Feather logo speaks to a certain design mentality. The hatchet symbolizes strength and the feather stands for elegance.  “Beautifully Strong” is something that I shoot for with every one of my products.  I want people to see that logo and trust that it’s been made to withstand both functionally and aesthetically.