The Lightkeeper

There are people that walk around this planet, enter your life and change you forever. Tim Hughes was one of those people. I met Tim through my brother Ryan. I will never forget the first time I met him because when I extended my hand to introduce myself he pushed it out of the way and gave me a giant bear hug that picked me up off my feet.

When I moved back to Cazenovia New York after spending four years in Denver Timmy reached out to me immediately and said, “Pearlman” (which he always called me) “welcome to the neighborhood, if you need anything let me know and stop over if you want to go wakeboarding.” And so I did and over the next couple years Timmy and I hung out quite a bit. He helped me work on my house and we even started a wakeboarding team that was open to the public. We made tee shirts, invited everyone in central New York to join and even went on a morning news show to pitch the idea publicly…it was hilarious. We laughed so hard.

I got to witness him follow one of his many passions and start a company that has become a staple in our community and beyond. If you haven’t heard of Cazenovia Cutblock you need to check it out immediately. Cazenovia Cutblock is a company that makes beautiful stuff and does it the right way. Timmy built such a strong foundation that his brand continues to produce some of the greatest handmade products in the area with pure love and passion. You can feel Timmy’s love in their pieces. Their showroom is located on Albany Street in downtown Cazenovia.

Timmy was one of those people that could just do anything. If he couldn’t, he would tell you he could and then figure it out. I admired that mentality so much. Every time I talked to Tim he was super excited about something, so excited in fact that it would get me excited. It could be 7:30 in the morning and he would call me about something that I wasn’t that interested in like putting a stereo system in a car and the next thing I know by 8:30 we’re sitting in his truck pumping tunes through gigantic subwoofers, laughing and loving every minute of it. So when he told me he was starting a woodworking company I knew right then that it was going to become something special because when Tim Hughes put his heart into something, it was special.

Timmy’s way of living was infectious with a smile that would fill a room and laugh that would drop you to your knees. Although he is no longer with us in the physical form his lessons live on within so many people in this community. There isn’t a day that goes by when I go out into my studio that I don’t think about Timmy and how much I miss him. When I get stuck with a woodworking question and need to figure something out he is still the first person I think of reaching out to.

I wanted to say thank you to Tim for being an inspirational example for all of us and reminding us to follow our passion, lead with our heart and embrace all that life has to offer. Oh yeah…AND LAUGH! In many ways you were like a light keeper Tim, you could always find the great.

Thank you buddy,