Soy Good

Like I’ve said many times before my favorite part of this brand is the ability to explore new mediums and new ways to be creative. Candle making certainly isn’t a new art form or an unpopular one among small market crafters but it was new to me and something that I wanted to get into because I love good candles. So I decided a while ago to just go for it and I’m finally ready to release one. A close friend of mine has a saying “If you don’t do it, somebody else will.”

Last winter I built a grow house so I could jump start my early spring vegetables, wheatgrass trays, sunflower sprouts and herbs. I love juicing so having an endless supply of microgreens year round is awesome. One of the seeds I started was Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. I love eucalyptus, it makes me feel refreshed and invigorated. I had read somewhere that hanging eucalyptus in the shower will create a healthy steam effect. I didn’t have great luck with it. So I ended up with 50+ eucalyptus plants and not a clue what to do with them. So I gave a few away, potted a couple, dried some and turned the rest into oil. Well I had no idea what to do with the oil, until now. Introducing the very first scent added to our brand new scented soy candle line – Lavender + Eucalyptus.

It’s a very clean and refreshing scent. It’s not overbearing or musky – just healthy and fresh. I felt like a fragrance like this is a great fresh start to the candle line. It smells classic and also universal, it could work in any room in the house. I’m really pumped up on this new candle making adventure so I am warning you in advance that there’s going to be a barrage of new scents added to the Rising Feather scented soy candle line over the next few months.