Seven Pines

I love trees – always have and always will. There are few things in nature that trigger more inspiration within me than a tree.  Our home and the Rising Feather Studio sits on the side of a mountain that overlooks the Chittenango Creek Valley and the view is filled with massive maple, soaring red oak, cool aspen, walnut, beech, dogwood, cherry, poplar, american mountain ash and so many others. The reason I decided to buy this property was because of the maturity and diversity of the forests on my land as well as the ability to draw inspiration from such a view. Every day and every light brings change to the view – so the ink never dries and dust never settles.


There is one particular spot near the back of my property that’s really special to me. There’s a grouping of 8 trees (seven pines surrounding one white birch). I feel a deep connection with these two species in particular. I have heard people talk about having spirit animals – well white birch and northern pine are my spirit trees. I think it’s there ability to stand out and fit in. There’s nothing quite like the contrast of a brilliant green northern pine standing straight and strong amongst a gusty bright white snowfall. Or that feeling as the day fades in the dark forests and reveals the beauty of the pure white bark of the birch. Both trees bring me home so I visit this area of my land quite often to reflect. I even made a meditation bench that now rests by the base of the birch where I can sit protected by the pines and think.

And now that I’m full on into candle making (admittedly a bit obsessed) I figured why not create a fragrance that carries the scent of two of my favorite trees. This way I could capture that feeling they give me and bring it into the home.  And with the holidays in full swing I figured now would be a great time to drop it into the shop.

Introducing the Northern Pine & White Birch square scented soy candle. SHOP NOW