Leap & A Lily Pad Will Appear

Wow. What a crazy holiday season and I mean that it in the greatest way possible. With this being my first year as an ecommerce sales operation it was an eye opening experience to say the very least. I know from my past working experience in the world of marketing and sales that it’s generally a very hectic time getting orders cut, assembled, packaged and shipped out on time. When you throw in handmade products that you care deeply about it adds a whole new level to the anxiety and drive. And as most small business owners can relate to, time management is essential in this period.

I first off would like to thank everyone that has placed an order through Rising Feather. I’m absolutely blown away by the response to the products and the support that I’ve received from people all over the country.  There’s nothing I would rather do then spend my time making things with my hands so I truly appreciate the business – thanks for keeping me busy!

By no means do I have things streamlined or flushed out, in fact I’m not sure I ever will. As most small business owners can relate to once again, I’m forced to wear several different hats in order to make this all work. When it comes to the Rising Feather product line I’m designing, building, selling, marketing, photographing, writing, packaging and shipping. I’m also building the web platform and presentation. I’m not complaining what so ever, in fact just the opposite. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I LOVE IT. It makes me sleep well at night knowing that I’ve put my energy towards something that I really believe in. And when you’re responsible for every step of the process you learn so much. I wake up every morning excited for the day and the adventure.

I’ve read several books on starting businesses, writing business plans, managing time, etc… From my experience they’re all valuable tools and worth the read but until you jump into it you  really have no idea. “Leap and a lily pad will appear” is a saying that I live by and it perfectly describes this latest venture of mine.

I wanted to share 10 things that I have learned this holiday season as it relates to having a handmade online business:

1. People are just like me and wait until the very last minute to do their holiday shopping!
2. When you sell low price point items be ready to make a lot of them!
3. Don’t be afraid to call in for some help from the family!
4. Have great coffee on hand!
5. Get a USPS account, don’t try carrying 35+ packages into the post office. You get a lot of dirty looks!
6. Keep the wood stove burning non stop!
7. Have lots of great coffee on hand!
8. Order supplies in bulk!
9. Lastly and most importantly, when the shop is closed hug and kiss your loved ones for allowing you to do what you do!
10. Oh yeah, and have a whole bunch of great coffee on hand!

I wish everyone a very Happy Holidays. Enjoy the time with your family and breathe in every moment you can. Time with family is the most precious gift a person can receive. I have so much fun stuff coming up in 2018….new albums, new tour, new products, new ideas, new year – same motto “Leap and a lily pad will appear”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]