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"He is like a polite rebel. A truly unique and inspiring American voice"

– Boston Globe


Mike Powell was raised in the Town of Champion along the mighty Black River in Northern New York. A true renaissance man with a deep passion for philosophy, art and personal expression. It’s his fearlessness as a person and artist that makes him so unique.


“I just find everything so interesting. Life is incredibly fascinating and I am incredibly curious.  Everything that I do is for perspective. I enter into different mediums and modes constantly because it alters the lens. For example, before I started making furniture a chair was just a chair. And now that I have experienced all of the work that goes into making a chair I view each of them much closer now and with admiration and respect for the craftsmanship. It gives me a peek under the hood. I like living from the inside out not the outside looking in.”


He is a lyrical warrior raised on the songwriting styles of John Prine, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan.  A prolific writer and vivid storyteller with songs that speak directly to the dreamers and deep thinkers.  A plainspoken poet with a voice full of blue-eyed soul his live performances are spontaneous, raw and real.

"A Mike Powell Performance is an exhibit in honest talent"

-NYS Music


As a woodworker he is a throwback with a modern twist. His furniture uses age old joinery techniques with clean modern lines. His studio is located in Cazenovia NY where he produces items to be sold here online as well as at art shows and retail shops.


“I’ve always loved being alone among the trees. I work with wood because of the connectivity of it all. It deepens my connection to the earth and allows me to create something tangible. As a songwriter you are creating something that may impact someone emotionally. As a furniture maker you are creating something that someone can sit on or a family can eat at – its function and purpose is fun to explore and alter.”